NDP General Canada Election 2011 – Education Platform

Good afternoon students. Poor Jack. He hasn’t had the opportunity to be especially vocal about where the NDP stands on Canadian education. He seems awfully quiet about school. In fact for all my surfing the only tidbit I have pulled up about the NDP’s education platform is rather disturbing: teachers will be allowed to go on strike again. Yep. Strike.

Once I was a teacher who went on strike. I was entering the teaching profession in 1996 during the Mike Harris reign of terror and approximately 90% of the teachers I knew weren’t working after their unions advised us to walk out. Pretty hard to go against that kind of tide and work peacefully with colleagues when the strike is over.

Don’t get me wrong. There were many issues in education under the Tory government with which I didn’t agree but taking classroom time away from children, making kids into pawns if you will, is not the way to handle negotiations. Indeed when teachers returned to the classrooms our particular union advised us not to offer extra-curricular activities to children until further notice. What? Our staff went about reinstating the extra-curriculars on day one. And our union never did follow up. In other words, for another eight years until McGuinty took the throne we would still have waited on the go-ahead to continue children’s valuable after-school activities. Yeesh.

Layton suggests something along the lines of tax breaks for student loans but he hasn’t said it very loudly. Perhaps he’d change his mind if his party was voted in, which we know won’t happen. Meh. Save your vote for a party that has real power and that party is not the NDP.

video: Jack Layton Discusses NDP Education Platform 2011

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