Stand By Goddard’s Firing for Anti-Gay Tweets

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Damian Goddard got what he deserves

and I stand by that comment.  Who is he to espouse (on twitter to millions of people no less) that gay marriage is wrong?  He claims his Roman Catholicism as the reason for his perspective but that’s simply an excuse that doesn’t hold up.  Many people are RC and they do not support laws against homosexual marriage. Nowhere in the New Testament of the Bible (or anywhere in the Bible for that matter) does it say that homosexuals and lesbians should not get married.  Presumably the New Testament, which documents the life and works of Jesus Christ, (are you listening Goddard….irony that the root word of his name is God….that must be why he thinks so highly of himself), is the Testament by which contemporary Catholics live their lives. Jesus was very specific about one of His most signficant messages was “judge not lest ye be judged”. I love that one. Okay so I’m judging Goddard just now (oh, the irony), but (there is always a but) his perspective is nothing short of cruel and mine is humane.  I figure that justifies me claiming Goddard got what he deserved.

Every time a public figure takes a stand against gay/lesbian rights, a vulnerable young person who is LGBT suffers. They already doubt themselves as people, as family members, as productive citizens who have every right to respect. They haven’t yet discovered ItGetsBetter, a site promoted by people worldwide to support LGBT youth, including Obama, Jack Layton, celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Ellen Degeneres , human rights groups, non-profit organizations and many others.
video:  Obama: It Gets Better 
video:  Ellen Degeneres about Gay Suicide
video: Tim Gunn: It Gets Better

Perhaps if Goddard knew about the teen suicide and homeless statistics in Canada he might, just might, feel differently:

  1. 30% of all teen suicides are due to teens who are LGBT and are suffering because of their sense of isolation and being bullied by their peers.
  2. Many teens live in abject fear of being “ousted” by a peer.
  3. Teens feel like abnormalities and black sheep in their families because of their orientation.
  4. Teens often turn to drugs and alcohol to escape the pain of dealing with their sexual orientation.
  5. Many teens drop out of high school due to bullying for being gay or lesbian.
  6. Some teens are kicked out of their homes for being LGBT and become homeless.
  7. Homeless youth increase the incidence of poverty and crime in Canada.
  8. Breaking the poverty cycle as a homeless youth is nearly impossible…less than 1% of teens achieve it.
  9. 40% of homeless teens are LGBT.
  10. There is one teenage suicide every 40 seconds in Canada.

Goddard claims a true marriage (for example with his wife, whom he did not clarify as female, since gays and lesbians can consider themselves husbands and wives btw) is a heterosexual union.  Odd.  What about the 71,783 divorces in Canada in 2001 (last known compilation of stats) and the 26,577 divorces in Ontario in 2001?  True marriage.  Ah, so nice to see it last. What about heterosexual marriages plagued by drug and alcohol addiction, spouse abuse, child abuse, abject poverty and a lack of encouragement for children to complete their education? Are those true marriages? What if Goddard discovered one or all of his kids were LGBT? Hopefully he would turn to the AA prayer (especially since he is RC) overcome his family’s inevitable struggle:

 God grant me the courage to change what I can change
To accept what I cannot change
And the wisdom to know the difference.

I’m quite certain God forgives Goddard for his homophobic views but I’m just as certain it is a blessing that he was fired. The best recourse for Goddard now is to visit It Gets Better and take the pledge against bullying and homophobic attitudes against gays and lesbians.  Take the pledge, Goddard. And stand by it. It Gets Better
Youtube: Animation – It Gets Better by LLahey

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