Mockery of the Education Profession

Brace yourself for this blog. Just like any profession education draws a mixed bag of nuts. Most teachers have decent intentions and work hard to educate kids.  But why is it that one (or 2?) bad apple in the barrel has to exist, let alone ruin it for the rest of us? Case in point:  There was an educator at a prestigious boys’ school in Toronto, Lorne Cook, who created and performed a “mock kidney operation” in class with his teenage male students. His “mock operation” was considered off the charts in terms of brilliance; he got the premier’s Excellence in Teaching Award. Cook taught courses at OISE, The University of Toronto. He was well-liked.

Here’s the bad news.  Cook was using his mock operation to sexually assault young boys.  Cook used the excuse to tell his chosen “patient” that he needed to wear a catheter  in case he had to use the washroom during the surgery.

Finally one kid couldn’t grin and bare it and informed his parents what happened in Mr. Cook’s (Weird) Science class.  The police arrested Cook on sexual assault charges. He was convicted and is no longer a teacher. I don’t know how many kids suffered through this unique form of pedophilia but didn’t Cook choose the best profession to get access to kids? Another strike against educators’ reputations in Ontario.

If you want to read the court transcript it’s here.

My grad class at OISE wasn’t sure how Cook’s actions amounted to sex assault since this particular roomful of teachers aren’t perverts (or lawyers, or perverted lawyers). If you read the transcript above, the judge explained that “sexual assault” under the law is “an act of power, aggression and control“.

  •  In some of the cases, the judge declared that Cook didn’t commit the acts for a sexual purpose, but some of they were a sexual “assault” because of the area Cook touched.
  •  In a case with R.B., Cook was not guilty of sexual interference but he was guilty of sexual assault
  •  On another occasion (A.G.), he was not guilty of indecent assault. You with me?
  • Out of 4 complaints, only 2 led to sex assault convictions.
  • The motive to prove guilt or innocence had to be touching the boys for a sexual purpose and there was a case of reasonable doubt.
  •  The judge explained that the definition of indecency and sexual assault under the law were also key factors in determining guilt or innocence.
  • Thank god I stuck to teaching.

Video: Fired teacher arrested on sex abuse charges  (unrelated case)

There are numerous male and female teachers who are pedophiles, meaning they engage in sex with children under the age of 18, the age of majority. However the age of sexual consent is 16 but a teacher who becomes involved with a 16-year-old will lose their license to teach, will not be permitted near schoolchildren again, and rightly so: a sexual relationship with a student is a criminal act due to the teacher’s position of authority over the student. View a video Teacher accused of sex abuse.
Pedophilia doesn’t just happen. It is a carefully planned process that develops from years of experience. Consider:

  • Pedophiles get jobs or volunteer for positions that allow them easy access to children.
  • They live across the street from schools or parks or recreation centres.
  • They’re the neighbourhood Mr. Mom who always has kids coming over to hang out.
  • They encourage illegal behaviour, such as drinking alcohol and smoking pot (lowers the defenses).
  •  They have Nintendo games and loud music.
  • They target lonely kids without friends and a solid family structure.
  • They hang out at arcades looking for a kid who has no money…the pedophile is happy to spare some change.

If there is a sliver of hope in anything to do with pedophilia it’s this: most pedophiles do not act on their urges. They fantasize and have other (weird) outlets but they don’t actually pursue children or youth.

Someone should have told Lorne Cook.


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  • CheerfulMomma  On March 24, 2015 at 11:44 pm

    Can you respond to me? I am looking for more info or a picture of this guy. He may now be teaching in Nova Scotia…

  • helthnut  On April 10, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    Seriously? Lorne Cook might be teaching in Nova Scotia? He should be in prison. Myself I have no pics.

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