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What do Organ Donation and High School Kids Have in Common?

Generally speaking not much until quite recently when OLMG (One Life Many Gifts) became part of Ontario’s grade 11 – 12 secondary school curriculum. Funding for OLMG came from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Ministry of Education, an anonymous donor and Trillium Gift of Life. Smart move on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s part considering that only 17% of Ontarians have signed their license donor card in the event of an accident. Why is that I wonder? I’ve signed my donor card every year since I first got my license.  Why not?  You can’t take it with you where you’re going – whichever direction you end up heading. Watch Of courset kills.  This dude is exempt from donating his heart.

Currently there are 1,600 Ontarians awaiting tissue or organ donation to save their lives or live heathier ones. Perhaps the idea of death and the harvesting of one’s organs makes people squeamish about putting pen to paper and signing that little donor card. Rubbish.  You won’t be around for the harvesting, you’ll be sitting on a cloud taking a harp lesson. Who cares what your decrepit remains go? Watch Gut busted. This guy is exempt from donating his guts. And consider you might just end up cremated into a big pile of ash. ‘Twould be rather poetic to first have life-saving organs removed from your cadaver before firing up the old oven. Watch Crying over spilled guts. – okay this guy is exempt from organ donation.

You’ll have done a wonderful thing for someone. Saved a life. Improved a life. Saved a kid from a grossly premature death. And don’t worry about the old brain dead and pulling the plug thing. I believe the term “life support” should never have been coined. It is utterly misleading and I suspect the phrase is a significant factor about people not signing donor cards. “Life support” leads people to believe they may still be alive but egad, their organs are being harvested like in Frankenstein or something.  Watch Die-it. “Life support” brings false hope to the relatives of a victim. Perhaps he or she will wake up? Wrongo.  Once the brain is dead it is game over. The only thing “life support” does is to keep organs fresh and prevent decomposition. The person is still dead as a doornail. Scientists need to change that expression to “organ support” or “organ preservation”.  Consider that.  “Your loved one is dead but is on organ preservation.” Now who is going to argue against harvesting that? Watch Eel Effects.  This man may keep his rectum.  It is now useless.

The next of kin shouldn’t have to make the decision to allow doctors to harvest your guts. They’re already upset (your kin, not your innards). Watch Fatty Splatty.  This man performed his own organ donation. Impressive.  Almost.

Why make your relatives agonize over digging for gold? I thought of a new slogan for the Trillium Foundation. I’m just so sure it shines with brilliance too (not). Have a heart…give a heart. Okay so it’s not Shakespeare but it’s catchy. Sign the darned donor card already, then stick it in the back of your wallet and forget about it (like I do every 5 years). Chances are doctors will never need it. But just in case, that is a heartfelt decision if ever there was one.

Watch Drunk Die-er – 1:41 – 3:40 – perhaps you should skip this one….