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Scholarships You Never Knew Existed

Got a bit of the entrepreneurial spirit? Have unusual interests and hobbies? Or simply in need of a little financial assistance even if your grade level isn’t top of the class. Anyone in high school or in post-secondary schooling in need of help financing tuition fees should visit

  1. Bill 7 – awards $2,000 in a bursary to LGBT kids in their first degree program.
  2. KidsAbility Centre of Child Development – $5,500 bursary in any field of post-secondary study at any level
  3. Canadian Cancer Society – $5,000 bursary – first year study in any field
  4. Quirky Scholarships – these are hardly ever applied to because no one has heard of them.  For instance you can receive a bursary if your parents work for a cookie company or if you play the bagpipes.

There are hundreds of bursaries in many fields and for many or any schools. Bursaries range anywhere from $250 to $5,500.  Hey, money’s money right?  $250 can pay for the textbooks and student materials you need for a course.  There is NO limit to the number or type of scholarship you apply for so go for as many as you can. watch the 8 year old entrepreneur

What got me onto this kick was the blog on Yahoo about the innovative high school student who made the bodice of her prom dress out of – wait for it – Starburst wrappers.  Now if Starburst is on the ball in any way it will jump on this great PR opportunity AND offer a bursary for similar future designs for post-secondary kids.  The Starburst dress triggered the memory of an actual scholarship on ScholarshipCanada using duct tape to fashion a prom dress.  I believe the bursary was around $3,000.00.  Sweet. (pun) watch winners from duct tape stuck at the prom scholarship

Having said that do read the fine print on these bursaries …  seldom does anything come free in this life.  It may be that you have to do something in return for them, such as work for the company for 5 years. Bring the contract to your lawyer, sign it when legit and finance your schooling…I can’t think of a better investment.