Mohawk + Dress Code = Suspension

If E=MC2 then M + DC = S. An article ran a few days ago on Yahoo about a 5-year-old Kindergarten boy  (Ethan Clos), whose mother “gave in” and allowed him to get an utterly ridiculous (and rather offensive) mohawk….not the kind with short hair on the sides. The original Punk Rock scene mohawk where the entire head is bald except for a strip of hair down the middle.  Nasty. The school suspended our little Mohican on  s-ETHAN-CLOS-MOHAWK-largegrounds of defying the dress code and not looking presentable for their school.  Bravo. I really don’t care about politically correct or incorrect. I care that finally the lunatics aren’t permitted to take over the asylum (temporarily).

“Our dress and grooming policies are designed to ensure that clothing and  hairstyles do not cause a distraction to the learning environment” is a quote from the superintendent and I like it.  I totally agree.  The kid looks ridiculous. The author of the article (Lyla M. Alphonse), defends the silly style by stating “ Madonna’s 4-year-old son David  Banda, and Cruz Beckham (whose parents are sport-and-style icons David and  Victoria Beckham) have also sported modified mohawks, where the sides are cut  close, rather than shaved bare, and a strip of hair on the top is left a bit longer. Ah, dare I suggest that celebrity hairstyles are not the best example?   Celebrities smoke crack, pawn off their kids on nannies, and spend $10,000.00 a day on throw-away junk. Should people emulate that too? 

Some people don’t get that. Parents don’t get the fact that these multi-millionaire kids who are probably home-schooled can do whatever the heck they want. That’s what happens when ordinary people compare themselves to extraordinary people.  Suspensions. And hallucinations, probably.

Another supportive issue for suspending the little kid is this: while (Caldwell, spokesperson), doesn’t believe this is the case in Tyran’s situation, symbols in the hair at the middle and high school level have been tied to gang affiliation, which is why some principals have been banning them.

haircut6n-3-webIn a sense, the hairstyle thing runs in the Clos family: the kid has trouble in his hair, his mother has rocks in her head.  She is setting herself up for an episode of Tough Love .  Since when is a mother or father supposed to allow their children to bully or nag them into getting their own way? Little Ethan is showing signs of running the household in the not-too-distant future. He is 5. Schools have a lot of experience with dysfunctional families whose children take over the family dynamic and make life a significant challenge for everyone else. That is another reason why schools take a stand and react in an appropriate manner when a kid shows up looking stupid and controversial.

Along the same line, a high school superintendent suspended 100 students for defying dress code: solid colours only and no shirt logos or graphics.  Listen, if you don’t like the dress code, send your kid elsewhere. North Americans are lucky: there are private schools, charter schools, religious schools and home-schooling as alternatives to public schools.  We have several options outside of a particular school or school system that doesn’t sit well with family ethics and views.

The door was closed to the Clos until Ethan’s mom shaved the middle strip down to his scalp. My hat’s off to you, superintendent ….unless I’ve shaved something into my hair that I shouldn’t, of course.

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