Trudeau and Public Education are a Great Mix for Canada

Justin Trudeau is a foregone conclusion.  And what a hunk of man, too.  We have it all with this one (stop rolling your eyes, guys, you’re just as bad). Don’t you westerners start whining about how JT will follow in papa’s footsteps and ruin your (oh so prosperous) economy. If anyone is following JT”s campaign they would be aware that he has criticized his father’s financial ruin of much of Canada, in an admirable albeit misguided attempt to bring Just (in?) Society to the nation.  It was a lovely concept and I respect old PT for it, but it didn’t work.  I’m not sure multiculturalism does either. People are too racist and pig-headed for that. Sustainable Development technology 185218Systemic racism still exists in the most stubborn manner in terms of employment and social acceptance (or at the very least tolerance). Personally I love a multicultural mix and I do believe most people I know feel the same (probably because I tend to associate with good people….tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are…)

Speaking of friends, I am a complete JT supporter, especially after the recession Harper did nothing to alleviate and in fact worsened by granting tax concessions and incredible $12.5 billions annually to corporations and conglomerates.  Meanwhile, the employment rate went up and the social economy went down.  What’s wrong with that picture?  Or should I say what’s right with it? I love Harper’s comment upon hearing JT became the Liberal Leader this weekend. He congratulated Justin and in the same breath added he doesn’t believe the Liberal poster boy has sufficient experience to become PM. Harper should know all about that.  He wrote the book.

I am well aware that education is not a federal issue.  Eggerton Ryerson proved to us that trying to nationally control individual provincial education programs and policies is a disaster. Harper, however, was keen on public education, I have to give him that.  He supported the Pathways to Education program across Ontario, an inner city initiative to prevent borderline kids from dropping out of school, regardless of their low income neighbourhoods and rough families. Dalton McGuilty…oops…McGuinty made sure he participated in photo ops in schools across Ontario (a Kindergarten class in my very own school, in fact). He was at an opening for an Africentric secondary school in 2010, the first Toronto school only for black children, that focused on a “black curriculum” (not entirely sure what that means, really). McGuinty stated it was a proud day.  I don’t think so.  It was segregation.  60 years ago, blacks fought for the right to attend “white” schools. Now they fight for the right to attend their own exclusive schools.  Sounds a bit backwards to me.

bag_of_moneyBut I digress. Our future is with education and with educated young adults.  The more graduates and the less debts students own, the more prosperous our future will be.  We need tuition grants, tuition relief, and lower tuition rates so kids who are not born with a Harperesque silver spoon in their mouths can attend university or college without sweating over their finances instead of over their books as they should be. Happily,  OSAP still offers grants – in fact, once a student applies for an OSAP loan, s/he automatically receive 30% off the entire cost of tuition. Sweet.  They didn’t offer that deal in my day. Mind you, some grants are expected to be repaid – in which case, I have no idea why they are called a grant.  How about the word loan?

I expect great things of JT.  I expect significant financial and social support from him and the Liberal party.  I shall keep my fingers crossed that the conservative party doesn’t get a majority seat in this election.  Anything they wish to get into the House will have to be approved by the NDP and the Liberal party.  Bye-bye conservative, pig-headed, hypocritical party. Hello social justice.  And maybe, just maybe, with the right influence, better financial incentives for post-secondary students.

It’s a new dawn.  A new day.  A new life.

And I am lucky to be part of it.

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