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This Gives New Meaning to No Child Left Behind

Catoosa, Oklahoma. Just when you think you’ve heard every stupid stunt you can possibly hear, there comes another one that blows them all away. I’m sure many of you have seen the write-up about the Wells Middle School school teacher who put two students in the trunk of her car so she could take them “on a snack run” to the local Wal-Mart. It was the last snack run this teacher would ever take with a student. What happened was this:

Catoosa_teacher_admits_to_allowing_kids__2375120000_11333878_ver1_0_640_480The teacher decided to take 11 students in her Honda Accord. There were no other adults present. This is always a bad idea. False sexual allegations come out of such situations, whether a teacher is alone with a student or has several with him or her. That’s stupid move number one. Then she decided to illegally crowd her car with more students than there were seats and seatbelts. Stupid move number two. Finally, in a creative effort to uphold the “No Child Left Behind” act, she placed two students in the trunk of her overcrowded car. Student move number three. But wait, there’s more. She left two other students behind, whether they were supervised or not I can’t say, but I doubt it.

After she was reported for the incident, she offered a tearful apology to the school community. Naturally the school board voted to fire her, 4 – 1, as would I. There are some things a teacher does that are so inane as to be beyond a mere reprimand. The grand mother of one child in the trunk certainly felt that way.

“I would go to jail [for putting children in the trunk of her car]. They’d have DHS at my house!”

One of the concerns was that the children could have been hurt had there been an accident. However I don’t know about the teacher doing jail time, since there wasn’t a fatal accident and the children are okay. I know you’re thinking, “so, that’s not the point!” But it is. The teacher and the student got lucky. There was no accident and everyone returned from Wal-Mart in one piece.

I think firing the teacher was a good move. I don’t think putting her in jail is necessary. I’d like to think she’s learned her lesson (it’s all about the lessons with teachers) and, accordingly, she will think twice before stashing children in the trunk of her Accord.