And Why School Bus Drivers Shouldn’t Use Facebook

518646041_2_570_411Seriously. It’s all so out of control now (this is sarcasm). Check this article. An Ohio school bus driver’s Facebook photo appears to show her drinking alcohol on the bus, and it’s landed her in serious trouble.  The driver herself of course took the pic and posted it onto her account. She seems to be holding up a bottle of booze and drinking it on the bus when there are no children on board. The thing is, the cap is still on the bottle. I mean seriously, shouldn’t the company overlook the picture and give her a break (more sarcasm)?

One parent commented, “Oh, she doesn’t care. She obviously doesn’t care about her job … Why do you have it there in the first place? It is inappropriate.”

I’m inclined to agree. Maybe the cap is on but if the bottle contains alcohol, why is it on the school bus at all? And in what parallel universe would that driver think this pic would prove amusing? The woman was an employee of First Student Transportation. According to a statement the driver has been “removed from service.”  Here’s a happy thought: FST is the region’s largest school bus operation.

111914_bus_driver_640The sad thing is, the woman is probably a good employee who was a very good driver and kept children very safe during her probably short-term career. But again, this is stupidity in action and the powers that be had no choice but to fire her. She isn’t the only school bus driver to be caught drinking on the job. The picture on the right shows an elderly woman driving a Texas school bus who is enjoying a can of beer as she drives along with popping pills – anti-depressants and painkillers. Kathy Legrand, 61, was arrested and charged with felony DWI after she nearly destroyed the bus with 30 children on board. She hit a curb and a tree. You can’t make this stuff up.

Her explanation to the company as she drove? “My bus is kind of all out of kilter,” said Legrand on her bus radio. Later, she told an official, “Something is going big-time wrong,” she said. It certainly was…in her head.



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